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Biofortification for Nutrient-Rich Crops

Posted By: yoyoloit
Biofortification for Nutrient-Rich Crops

Biofortification for Nutrient-Rich Crops
by Monika Garg

English | 2024 | ISBN: 1032667273 | 331 pages | True PDF | 16.22 MB

Biofortification is a widely accepted cost-effective agricultural strategy to improve the nutrient deficiency in populations. It is especially useful in low-income and developing nations. Strategies for biofortification employ crop breeding, targeted genetic alteration, and agronomy, show promise for addressing multiple forms of human malnutrition. To increase the bioavailability of food nutrients, biofortification efforts must focus on improving the nutrient content of food and decreasing anti-nutrients. This book covers the basics of biofortification, international efforts, challenges, opportunities, and the use of the latest omics technologies in addition to classical approaches. It covers the most studied micronutrients, vitamin biofortification, and the new topics in dietary fibers, starch quality, and phenolics. It uniquely covers the antinutrients like phytic acid, ODAP, and Glucosinolates. It also reviews food bioavailability, scientific research, and meta-analyses to assess the health-promoting efficacy of different nutrients. The book attempts to cover all bases, from decision considerations to prospects, as well as biofortification of nutrients, antinutrient reduction, and the use of latest technology to aid in the nutritional enhancement of virtually all recorded food crops.

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