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The Magic Of Fairylights - Winter Time Needle Felting

Posted By: ELK1nG
The Magic Of Fairylights - Winter Time Needle Felting

The Magic Of Fairylights - Winter Time Needle Felting
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The Magic Of Fairylights - Winter Time Needle Felting

What you'll learn


Let's add more magic to our every day lives with needle felting and fairy lights!
I'll show you a simple way to add battery operated fairy lights to your needle felted projects.
But why?
Because I believe that having little shiny sparkles around us, especially in long winter nights, adds greatly to our well being. And since I also firmly believe that needle felting is a great form of mindful meditation this class is perfect as a cosy evening project. A scene like we are making in this class is also perfect for gift giving. Either to yourself or your loved ones :)
But is this for me?
Absolutely! Although this class builds upon my first Skillshare class called "Winter in a Cup" which I suggest watching if you are totally new to needle felting, you might be able to make this regardless. 
OK, I'm interested now. Tell me what I need.
Not much really:
white core wool for needle felting
2 felting needles: small and medium size - although you might end up using only the middle size like I did
felting mat (foam) to felt on
wire that holds it's shape really well after you've bent it - I am using simple florist wire
cute container to put your scene in - needs to be bigger than your fairy light's battery pack
fairy lights - battery operated and not too long :)
cinnamon bark strip/stick from a craft store (edible ones are way too expensive for crafting)
Anything else?
Nope, I'm good to go!
Great! See you in class :)


Lesson 1:The Magic of Fairylights - intro
Lesson 2:The idea
Lesson 3:Supplies
Lesson 4:Sketching fun
Lesson 5:Let's begin
Lesson 6:Felting - sped up
Lesson 7:Pep talk & troubleshooting
Lesson 8:Adding the lights
Lesson 9:Adding the hill
Lesson 10:Thank you