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Break Free Of The Matrix And Mind Control During Ascension

Posted By: ELK1nG
Break Free Of The Matrix And Mind Control During Ascension

Break Free Of The Matrix And Mind Control During Ascension
Published 11/2023
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Psychology, personal inner work and exiting the Matrix to find TRUE happiness/abundance. Heal your mind, body, spirit.

What you'll learn

Current Ascension cycle on planet earth, did I miss it? Why Licensed Professionals CAN'T share this.

Some of humanity will stay in 3D, will I leave my loved ones, am I safe, what's harvesting?

Our body is being 'upgraded' with new light codes, no JUNK DNA, list of ascension symptoms all explained.

Am I trapped, mind-controlled unwillingly? What emotional work helps me break free from the MATRIX?

What does Multi-dimensional, Simulation, Matrix, Dimensions, Densities, Soul Contracts mean?

What psychological issues arise during ascension; is this why I feel alone, suicidal, or lost?


An open heart and a willingness to leave all pre-programmed past education behind

A personal notebook or journal to keep track of thoughts, symptoms, dreams and questions


Welcome to the Ascension Academy. This first course is taught by a very well-loved Ph.D. Psychologist with children with cancer, 14D Quantum Healer, Multiple Award-Winning Ghostwriter and Author, and Who's Who Among (University) Teachers. Her passion has always been contagious as she takes really complex material and brings it down to simplicity for the most important person, YOU; all while ripping off the Band-Aids of lies so you can finally prosper in all areas of your life! Course prices are being kept as low as possible to share the message with as many who are ready to hear! This course is the introductory phase (and preparatory for the upcoming healer/leader certified classes) to help the most people - from those who have never heard of the term ascension to 'ascended masters and angels' in human form, however, it is by NO means basic! What you will hear has never been taught in traditional schools. It shares new information to those who are willing to go within, but may need a little direction or nudge. While scientific and spiritual perspectives are touched upon, this is a HUMAN INTEREST PSYCHOLOGY SELF-HELP type course (one licensed professionals can't reveal for fear of betraying their license) and NOT a TECHNICAL proven statistical methods course. New light codes have been arriving the last few years but in July 2023 humanity was ready for the 'higher' dimensional beings' to anchor them in; Doc is one of them who did just that and like you has had the hard knocks and tough journey like so many here. We passed a huge MARKER for humanity again around October 17, 2023, but many are still missing the boat! You owe it to yourself to wake up further and not continue to fall prey, even for non-truther 'truths' that are being sold. These souls are evolving on their own journey, and while we are not to judge, but to discern, some that have been trusted over the last few years are even now being call to task, as their fractured souls are siphoned off and they are removed from the playing field. The lies are slowly being dissipated and truths revealed so the public will not go into shock, and those who have committed the most evil will return to 'Source' evaporated and wiped out of the 'life books' so as to no longer play on the heart-stings and pocket books of innocent listeners. DO NOT FALL PREY TO SCAMMERS/DECEIVERS.Learn the terminology because the Ascension Academy with Doc Starseed is breaking through and looking to find the new 'enlightened' healers who also dream of creating a private practice or even a business that holistically heals vs administers the drugs of the past. Start your own inner healing journey, learn what traps you, manage your dark night of the soul, and find all the gifts within. Perhaps you know there is more out there for you either with a new relationship or career but you have not been brave enough to make the leap on your own. As a trained psychologist, Doc walks you through how you have been mind-controlled since birth and how to break free to be your BEST and AUTHENTIC self while learning to love yourself unconditionally. We will no longer give our power away and every one, in the properly aligned spiritual frequency, can heal and be healed! This is also for business owners, philanthropists, group educators who have evolved and wish to help humanity to find ways to share this new knowledge in new societies. We are even lied to that there is scarcity or lack. Nothing could be further from the truth. The question is why has it not yet manifested for you? This course is perfect for those who FEEL ALONE and have no one who UNDERSTANDS them, feels like a 'misfit' or an outcast and is ready to hear the truth about HOW SPECIAL YOU ARE and how YOU, yes, YOU contracted before you were born on EARTH to FORGET EVERYTHING and BE HERE NOW! Or, just maybe, you have a loved one who might listen to any one BUT you, so give this as a gift to help them awaken! This course will help ALL beings evolve no matter where they are in their journey. And Doc assures you, we each have a unique role to play.Ascension Academy is thrilled to welcome you on this journey so enjoy the ride! If you are looking to create a private practice or even a business that holistically heals vs the drugs of the past, this is the starting point. 1. This course is the introductory phase to help the most people - from those who have never heard of the term ascension to 'ascended masters and angels' in human form who don't yet know who they are. (Hint: If you are reading this and registering, your heart is telling you that you are a way more evolved soul than you have ever realized.) It will help you break through in areas/thoughts/behaviors you didn't even recognize that have kept you trapped.2. It shares new information for those willing to go within, but need a little direction/nudge. New light codes arrived July 2023 and humanity was ready for the 'higher' dimensional beings' to anchor them in. Yes, Doc has devoted every heart beat of her life to prepare herself to be ready to, firstly, download the codes for humanity and, secondly, share them with all of you.3. You will hear information that 'licensed' professionals can NEVER tell you.4. You will learn what it really means to go within and get rid of the FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real). Lies like you are not enough, are falling short, or need to be in some guru meditative state for 12 hours a day!5. You have NEVER been alone. You have so many Spirit Guides, Galactics and Angels just waiting for you to see them.6. Don't you owe it to yourself to become the BEST and most authentic self you can be? Your SOUL is here to learn to grow - to thrive and not just survive. It's time.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction Trailer

Section 2: Welcome to BREAKING FREE, the first course, and "Who am I and Why Speak now?"

Lecture 2 Welcome to Ascension Academy's first course and Who is Doc Starseed?

Lecture 3 Why Speak Now? Shortened 5 minute background, Ph.D. whistleblower and more

Lecture 4 Therapy, Inner Work, and is Hypnosis REAL?

Section 3: What licensed professionals can't tell you and what I am here to UNCOVER

Lecture 5 More Secrets Revealed: What and Why Licensed Professionals CAN'T Share This

Section 4: What is psychological mind control and how has it been used against us.

Lecture 6 Mind control, deprogramming and how even religion has been corrupted.

Lecture 7 Indoctrination versus Education

Lecture 8 Judgment versus Discernment

Lecture 9 Examples in test form to define these terms.

Lecture 10 A personal test to see if you can spot narcissism. Not graded.

Section 5: We are in an evolutionary Ascension Cycle, what does this mean? Did you miss it?

Lecture 11 Learn about the Ascension Cycles and where humanity stands now.

Section 6: There is NO 'junk' DNA and physical ascension symptoms

Lecture 12 Story: How I learned there is no 'junk' DNA. Lecture on symptoms will follow.

Lecture 13 Our DNA and Light Body Up-Grades with Ascension Symptoms. NOT MEDICAL ADVICE

Lecture 14 Do the inside work when natural symptoms arise. NOT MEDICAL OR PSYCH ADVICE

Section 7: Multi-Dimensional Being, Soul Contracts, Karmic Relationships

Lecture 15 Get ready to have your mind blown! Keep an open mind so you expand to ascend.

Section 8: Psychological issues/perspectives the majority of ascending are experiencing

Lecture 16 Save Yourself First: This is NOT Narcissism

Lecture 17 But, I don't 'fit' in…

Lecture 18 Why Karmic Relationships Must End

Lecture 19 3 Words that Will Save You - Not 'I love you"

Lecture 20 No Rearview Mirror Thinking

Section 9: Review and tips on how to proceed to really BREAK FREE OF THE MATRIX

Lecture 21 Final thoughts and encouragements as to how to BREAK THE MATRIX!

Lecture 22 Harness Your Divine Master

Lecture 23 STOP Giving Your Power AWAY

Lecture 24 Rise Above Duality

Section 10: Bonus: Are Conspiracy Theorists Delusional?

Lecture 25 Are Conspiracy Theorists Delusional? Reviewing PROFESSIONAL DIAGNOSES!

Lecture 26 Conspiracy Theorist and Diagnostic CODES Part Two - Part One was cut off

While this is an introductory (and preparatory for upcoming healing/leader courses) review of what is happening in ascension now, more seasoned learners will hear new information that was only down-loaded starting in July 2023. Many will be shocked to hear what they have missed by listening to main stream fabrications.