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Beginners Guide To Mindful Manifesting

Posted By: ELK1nG
Beginners Guide To Mindful Manifesting

Beginners Guide To Mindful Manifesting
Published 9/2023
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What is Mindful Manifesting and How do I Practice it Daily

What you'll learn

Understanding what Mindful Manifesting is

Learn how to prepare for your manifesting

How to practice Mindful Manifesting to improve your day to day life

Manifesting to achieve your goals


No prior knowledge is needed for this course


We have all heard the term Manifesting but what does this actually mean? With this course you will learn what Manifesting is and how to apply it in your daily life to start creating change around you. The methods I teach you are tried and tested with many people reporting significant changes with four days. There are specific days and times for some of these methods to be effective, but I will also show you some that you can apply daily, setting the tone for your day to achieve you daily goals too. I have included a written pdf on how to manifest as well as videos to explain each section. I have created a video showing all the different methods and how to set up and prepare for your Manifesting session. Remember mindset is everything too so watch your thoughts. So dive in and start Manifesting the life of you dreams. Its as easy as focusing on desire, intent and achieving the desired results. Its important to also be mindful when manifesting as thoughts become things so take care when starting on this journey, keep others in mind, and it will definitely be well worth it. Most importantly HAVE FUN WITH IT


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Mindful Manifesting is not waving a magic wand

Lecture 2 Mindful Manifesting is NOT waving a magic wand

Section 3: My Personal Experiences

Lecture 3 My Personal Experiences

Section 4: What, When, Why?

Lecture 4 What, When, Why?

Section 5: What is Mindful Manifesting?

Lecture 5 What is Mindful Manifesting?

Section 6: The Magic of The Moon

Lecture 6 The Magic Of The Moon

Section 7: Colour and Manifesting

Lecture 7 Colour and Manifesting

Section 8: Lets get Manifesting!!!

Lecture 8 Mindful Manifesting Practical

This course is for everyone and anyone who would like to learn how to manifest and reach their full potential