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«CREACIONIST BIOLOGY» by Escriba de Cristo

Posted By: Gelsomino
«CREACIONIST BIOLOGY» by Escriba de Cristo

«CREACIONIST BIOLOGY» by Escriba de Cristo
English | EPUB | 6.5 MB

I present to my readers another book that talks about the wonders of God in nature. Observing living beings and the laws of physics as well as the chemical elements I can say with certainty that an Almighty being built this universe. The theory of evolution hypothesis must be discarded and derided because there is not the slightest mathematical probability that such perfection exists because of accidental events.Scientists should be ashamed before defending the theory of evolution. In fact, under Satan's rule, deans and scientific bodies do not even allow creationists to be called to university chairs. The secularization of the West has made us ridiculous. As long as this atheistic philosophy persists, we will only delay science and we will only go deeper into the fantasy of cosmic and biological evolution, a veritable house of playing cards. Nothing scientific, just assumptions and philosophical daydreams.In favor of creationism is all the evidence in the universe that indicates a mind that planned all this. The trend is that the Intelligent Design hypothesis will continue to grow. The theory that life on Earth came from alien astronauts does not solve the great riddle of the universe, because the question will always remain: And who created the aliens? So God must be the cause of everything. Someone bigger than infinity and older than eternity is the only plausible explanation for the universe.There is only one answer to explain the universe: God. Skeptics accuse us of being simplistic. That it is very easy to explain the universe by saying that God made it. But that's it. God has left so much evidence that He exists, that He created everything and that He sustains the universe and life by the force of His power, that no one will be able to justify ourselves before Him when we are called to the Judgment. The arrogance of intellectuals does not allow them to agree that simple and illiterate people have reached the conclusion about the first cause of the universe, while they with so much study and measurements wander in vain theories. This book is a simple work in which I make my humble considerations about my beloved Creator whom He gave me the pleasure of seeing him in 1985 for over an hour. But this experience is private, I don't want you to believe me, but I think that all creatures need to believe in the one who made everything. Let's not shame our own intelligences, here's the evidence I expose.