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Hands-On Python ADVANCED : with 52 Exercises, 3 Projects, 3 Assignments & Final Exam

Posted By: readerXXI
Hands-On Python ADVANCED : with 52 Exercises, 3 Projects, 3 Assignments & Final Exam

Hands-On Python ADVANCED : with 52 Exercises, 3 Projects, 3 Assignments & Final Exam
by Musa Arda
English | 2022 | ASIN: B09WVB49W8 | 756 Pages | True ePUB | 2.18 MB

This is an in-depth and activity-based book on the advanced topics of Python programming. It follows a step-by-step practical approach by combining the theory of the language with hands-on coding exercises including quizzes, projects, assignments and exams.

We begin by introducing the Collections module in Python. Then we cover Iterators, Generators, Date and Time Operations, Decorators and Context Managers in Python. We move on with Functional Programming in Python and we have our first project which is about sending emails using Python. Then we learn Regular Expressions, Database Operations and Concurrency in Python. After these topics, we build two projects. The second project in this book is Web Scraping with Python and Scrapy. And the third project is Developing Web APIs with Flask. After each project, you have an assignment to complete. And finally, we have the Final Exam.

By the end of the book, you will learn almost all of the advanced level concepts of Python in great detail by writing thousands of lines of code. All the supplementary resources (code files, quizzes, assignments, final exam etc.) are available for download at the GitHub repository. The link for the repository is provided in the book.

This is the third book in Hands-On Python Series. And here is what you will find in this book:
Theory: In each topic, we will cover all the Theoretical Details with example coding.
Coding Exercises (52 questions): At the end of each chapter, we will have Coding Exercise in form of Quizzes.
Projects (3): We will build 3 projects in this book. You will learn how to apply Python concepts on real world problems.
Assignments (3): After each project, you will have an Assignment. These assignments will let you build the project from scratch on your own.
Final Exam: At the end of this book, you will have the Final Exam. It is a multiple-choice exam with 20 questions and a limited duration. The exam will let you to test your Python level.